We are a MYXXXX of people with a MYXXXX of experiences being brought to you live and raw.  There is nothing better than keeping it real...

Years of research, years of experience, years of conversations all put together in the MYXXXX....


Highlighting the different lifestyles from all over the world.  From the bricks to light blue sandals.  Celebrating life and encouraging folk to appreciate the life that has been served to you for life is very short. 


Kiss & Makeup

Makeup, make out.  Showcasing  make up artists and hair stylists with techniques that will blow your mind.  


We all have values that we were raised with which makes us who we are today.  Enjoy the many conversations reflecting our many values.

Word Around the Globe

I was blown away by the realness of The Myxxxx.  Thank you for the content.

Lauren Gillian

San Francisco | USA

Your show spoke to my heart.  It was like you knew what was in my head.  Timely, thank you.

Ben Ronson

Paris | France

I stumbled across your show and was pleasantly pleased.  Keep up the great work.  Would love to support you guys.

Tim Barrel

Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Nice, no very nice!  I am looking forward to more great work from The Myxxxx.

Donna Tzuker

Hamburg | Germany

I'd Rather Have Jesus Than Silver & Gold

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